Melisi Projects

Clients can depend on Melisi for support, advice and guidance during every stage of the building process. In order to help realise our client’s vision as quickly and cost effectively as possible, our expert team is proud to offer full service project management from early planning and design through to construction and completion. We’ve adopted innovative methods to ensure all possibilities are considered and every phase is covered. 

Building and construction is a multifaceted and sometimes complex process. Our full-service project management ensures everything is handled and coordinated by a dedicated team to ensure set time, cost and quality objectives are accomplished. By providing central accountability with one point of contact, our project management service ensures more streamlined processes and clarity of communication, where any unforeseen issues are dealt with promptly. 

Our full-service approach includes:

  • Early project planning
  • Cost planning
  • Concept design
  • Design development
  • Approvals
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Completion

We work closely with our developers to gain a clear understanding of the design, budget and timeline requirements before moving on to create a clear plan and schedule to achieve the set goals. From there, one of our expert project managers oversees every aspect of the project to ensure our clients only have one point of contact for all facets of the job. Our project managers check in regularly to provide detailed progress reports, ensuring developers are kept in the loop of how things are tracking. 

We’re here when you need us.

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